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A Perfect Combination: The Cleveland Neighborhood Model For Urban Health Care Education

The Cleveland Foundation, a community foundation in Ohio, has awarded funding for an effort to recruit and train medical students who reflect the socioeconomic background and cultural make-up of their communities. Read more about this partnership between two universities.

Spending Growth Trends: Keeping An Eye On Spending Per Person

All of the evidence points to continued modest growth in per capita/enrollee spending. This is a strong signal that we may be in an era where the “new normal” is more restrained growth in the use of health care services, even as the economic recovery continues and rates of uninsurance decline.

Health Affairs Web First: Health Spending Growth To Remain Moderate Compared To Pre-Recession Highs

New estimates released today from the Office of the Actuary at CMS project a 5.5 percent rate of health spending growth for 2014. The average rate of longer-term projected growth is 5.8 percent for 2014–24, exceeding the expected average growth in GDP by 1.1 percentage points.

Dynamic Vision Is A Cornerstone Of State Payment Reform Initiatives

Faced with rising health care costs, states are designing and implementing payment reforms that fundamentally transform how the health care market provides and pays for services. Take for example Ohio and Oregon.

Most States Lag On Delivering Valuable, Preventive Dental Care To Low-Income Children

As our health system moves to pay for value, highly-effective but low-cost preventive medicine becomes increasingly vital. Dental sealants provide a low-cost intervention to prevent tooth decay, a health condition with serious consequences.

Measuring What Matters: Using Data To Drive Action

Data that only serve to illustrate that a problem exists---or even that progress is being made---are not enough. We need data that illustrates for people and organizations---across a wide range of sectors---the roles they can play, the actions they can take, and the relevance to their communities.

Health Spending: The $2 Trillion Question---Or Questions

Much of the debate over the health spending slowdown has been centered on three questions: What has caused this slowdown? Is it really a change? Will it continue? If these are not the wrong questions, they at least should be asked in a more productive context than often has been the case.

New Narrative Matters: Across State Lines, A Family Navigates Medical Complexity And Medicaid Hurdles

In Health Affairs’ July Narrative Matters essay, a medically complex child and a military family navigate Medicaid coverage challenges as they travel from state to state.

Reducing Practice Variation At Crystal Run Healthcare

Crystal Run Healthcare implemented a program to reduce practice variation through development of a robust best practice library grounded in published clinical guidelines and expert opinion from professional organizations. The program improved quality and patient access while lowering cost for...

Implementing Health Reform: State Innovation Wavers; Vermont's Abortion Coverage Conundrum (Updated)

Congress adopted a national program for reforming insurance markets and for encouraging enrollment. But Congress also recognized that states might have innovative reform ideas and thus provided that states could strike out on their own by proposing reforms equally as effective as those in the ACA.