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Health Affairs Forum: Oral Health In California

Health Affairs is taking its health policy programming to California, where we will host a May 17 event examining the current landscape of oral health in the state.

April 28, 2017 | Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Managing The Beginning Of The End: Advanced Disease Management And Concurrent Care Under Current Financing

If predicting six-month mortality is hard, trying to identify patients with life-limiting diagnoses who are candidates for “pre-hospice” services makes eligibility determinations even more ambiguous.

GOP Removes AHCA Exemption Of Congress From State Coverage Limitations; Plaintiffs Seek End To Contraceptive Coverage Case Delay

An AHCA amendment would remove the Congressional exemption from state waivers of the ACA’s age rating, essential health benefits, and community rating protections. Two plaintiffs want action on their challenge to the accommodation for religious organizations that object to contraceptive coverage.

Health Philanthropy’s Role In Uncertain Times, NIH Funding, Oral Health: A Round-Up Of Foundation Blogs

These thoughtful pieces on some daunting challenges were published by foundations and a foundation grantee.

April 27, 2017 | GrantWatch

Value-Based Pricing For Pharmaceuticals In The Trump Administration

A bipartisan consensus has emerged that something must be done to tackle drug prices. There’s less consensus about what that something ought to be. One alternative, “value-based pricing,” may hold promise.

Rethinking The United States’ Military Health System

Critics of the military health system want the DoD to close most of its remaining facilities, outsource care to the private sector, and position more military providers in civilian hospitals. Before these ideas receive serious thought, it is worth examining the assumptions on which they are based.

Health Policy’s Gordian Knot: Rethinking Cost Control

The central, intractable obstacle to long-term cost containment is the near impossibility of saying “no” to ever-more-expensive care that yields small marginal benefits.

The MacArthur Amendment Language, Race In The Federal Exchange, And Risk Adjustment Coefficients

Negotiations have been underway with respect to an amendment to the GOP’s American Health Care Act that has been proposed by Rep. Tom MacArthur (R.N.J.) A summary of this amendment became available on April 20, 2017. On the evening of April 25, the actual language of the amendment became available.

Correcting Misconceptions About Invisible Risk-Sharing

An amendment to the AHCA draws in part from a proposal to include an invisible high-risk pool. Based on an independent analysis, there are a few misconceptions that should be corrected and changes that could improve the invisible risk-sharing program.

Evidence on Payment Reform: Where Are The Gaps?

The US health care system is transforming how it pays for and delivers care. However, the transition to new models is not easy. Initial results on the impact of payment reforms found large gaps in evidence for state and commercial-based payment reforms.