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Social Science Insights To Advance A Culture Of Health

We are concerned that the culture of health initiative has left itself unnecessarily vulnerable to some perils because of how it defines culture. A better definition that acknowledges recent advances in the social sciences can provide a firmer conceptual and scientific foundation for building a...

Examining The HHS Projections For 2017 Marketplace Enrollment (Updated)

During the first half of 2016 (January 1 to June 30, 2016), 10.4 million individuals had effectuated marketplace enrollment—they had paid their premiums and had an active policy. ASPE projects that by the end of 2017 open enrollment, 13.8 million individuals will have selected a marketplace plan.

An Urgent Call For A National Surveillance System For Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

We describe the scant data available on the quality of inpatient psychiatric care and propose policy mechanisms that have been adopted in other parts of the health care system to promote improved quality of inpatient psychiatric care, monitor harm, and inform the development of best practices.

Capping Enrollment To Save Minnesota’s Individual Market

Minnesota struck a deal with five health plans in the state’s individual market to prevent a market collapse. In June, BCBS announced that it was leaving the individual market with 103,000 individuals left to find a new plan November 1st. It was feared that other plans would quickly follow suit.

MACRA Final Rule: CMS Strikes A Balance; Will Docs Hang On?

The central theme of the MACRA Final Rule is its softening of key parameters in an effort to allay provider concerns, rally participation, and avoid adverse consequences out of the gate. The complexity and Icarian vision of MACRA abides, but CMS is all but ushering docs in with their bare hands.

The Culture Of Health Action Framework And Systems Science: Opportunities And Challenges

By combining systems thinking with advanced computational modeling techniques, systems science has the potential to provide insights about the complex connections and interaction among multiple determinants of health.

CMS Details Open Enrollment Strategy (With Risk Corridor Litigation Update)

CMS is ramping up its open enrollment outreach for 2017, aiming to cover more uninsured people and increase marketplace stability by enrolling younger and healthier people.

Mega Teaching Health Centers: A New Model To Power CHCs

We describe the unique aspects of a proposed modified and greatly expanded THC model—Mega THCs—and suggest a program funded by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to demonstrate this new paradigm.

New Center For Ethics In Health Care: Aiming To Make A Difference Through Systems Change

Historically, the bioethics field has focused much attention on ethical issues raised by the latest advances in medical science. But what about everyday ethical issues that arise in hospitals and other organizations delivering care? These can involve high-stakes decisions that can profoundly...

October 13, 2016 | GrantWatch, Hospitals, Quality

The Cost Of US Adult Vaccine Avoidance: $8.95 Billion In 2015

A Health Affairs Web First sought to calculate the annual economic burden of diseases associated with vaccines -- in 2015 the burden was $8.95 billion.

October 12, 2016 | Elsewhere@ Health Affairs